I'm improving the image handling feature in the editor for more than a month now. After a lot of hard work it's finally starting to get it's final form. It Improves the speed of typing when you have a lot of images, It has a cleaner markup, out of the box supports drag'n drop, linking and copy/paste. So I can proudly say it's better then it was! However, as always, I'm expecting some issues and small inconveniences during the transition and the trial phase, but I'll do my best to address the upcoming issues asap.

Changes from the editor's perspective

We dumped the little 'x' button from the top-right corner. It was nuisance and caused a lot of engineering problems. In order to simplify the markup around the images we had to replace it with something better. Let me introduce you to the image overlay.

When you click on an image you'll see the new image controls. Moreover, the engine'll automatically select the image for you, so feel free to press backspace or cmd + c to remove or copy the image. Unfortunately we don't support cmd + x yet.


The link image button will open the ever so familiar link dialog window, where you can set the url and target frame for your link. Also note, you can remove the link from the image in this same dialog.

The remove image button is the true successor of the little 'x'.

Changes from the engineering perspective

We have a completely rewritten image handler service for the Redactor engine, as well as a brand new parser to find, and a new injectable collection to store the images. The code integrates well with marionette and with the immediate image upload from the image modal.


All the access markup is gone, we only have to store an unique id on the image tag, so no more bug, where text can inadvertently get deleted if it somehow strays into the container around an image.